Welcome to the Team, Elena Branker!


Born and raised in Barbados, Elena immigrated to the US when she was awarded a full athletic scholarship to attend Howard University in Washington DC. Elena is a DC creative entrepreneur that believes in having a service oriented approach to working with clients, seeking to treat every client with kindness, respect and follow through. Elena earned a B.S. in Biology at Howard University followed by an MBA focused on small business management and currently lives in the DC area.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to have Elena join the team after being a part of our LAUNCH program this past fall where she started off as an inside sales consultant as she studied to qualify and become a real estate consultant! Get to know her a little more, how she got into real estate, and her take on common misconceptions.

  1. What is your favorite thing about working in/with real estate? The opportunity to change someone’s life by finding them a home. We all live somewhere but there is such a difference when we own and start to build what is called your “home”.

  2. If you could live in any type of home, what would it be? Sounds crazy, but I would live in a treehouse. Definitely a fancy treehouse, but in the trees nonetheless. I’m from the islands and an artist at heart, so I love trees, greenspaces and the unconventional :)

  3. What are a few things people misunderstand about real estate? The misconception that all agents are out for themselves and we only do what we do for money. This isn’t always the case. Legally yes, we have to be paid for our services. But a good agent will care about their client, not about themselves.

  4. What does Living Matters Real Estate mean to you? It means authenticity, support and genuine respect. I have worked many places before where I felt like the token African American hired to appease an HR Department focused on maintaining the appearance of diversity. I have never once felt that way at Living Matters and truly feel the support and encouragement of a team dedicated to US winning as a team.

  5. How did you get started in real estate? I started as an inside sales consultant and it naturally progressed into real estate sales.

  6. Favorite quote: The lives of great men remind us that we too can be sublime, and departing, leave behind footprints in the sands of time.

  7. 3 words that describe you: Gritty, Caring, Aware

  8. Favorite restaurant in DC? It isn’t fancy, but it hits the spot everytime. Bibibop.

  9. Must-See spot in DC? The Botanical Gardens

  10. Starbucks order? Tall London Fog

  11. If you have some free time what do you do? Plan a creative event, execute a creative event or crafting.

  12. 1 person dead or alive that you would like to have dinner with: My late father

  13. Biggest lifetime achievement: Keeping the wheels going up until the present.

  14. What do you do when not working? Hobbies - Crafting, making jewelry, writing poetry or creating something visual.

  15. What song is always stuck in your head? Ok so typically I would not be quoting rap songs for ANYTHING work related. Now with that said...Get Up 10 by Cardi B is stuck in my head. The chorus speaks to me - “I look myself in the mirror and say we going win. I get knocked down nine times but I get up ten”.