Welcome to the Team, Jeff Jackson!

With 30 years of experience in the business, we are thrilled to announce that Jeff Jackson has joined the team as a Senior Real Estate Consultant! Get to know Jeff and read more about the strangest things he's seen on showings, his biggest lifetime achievement, and common misconceptions about real estate.

  1. What’s the strangest/scariest/funniest thing you’ve experienced on a showing? One time, I was showing a building that had top floor windows broken and over 300 pigeons living in it. Another time, I had to show a crack house in the 90’s which had no front door! The agent said they didn’t know how many people might be in the building.

  2. What is your favorite thing about working in/with real estate? Freedom! Not subject to the whims of a bureaucracy…

  3. If you could live in any type of home, what would it be? Ultra-contemporary which blends into an environment…

  4. What are a few things people misunderstand about real estate? Zestimates are wildly inaccurate.

  5. What does Living Matters Real Estate mean to you? I’m thrilled to be working with a team that shares my values and who seek to live our best lives.

  6. Biggest ROI in home renovation? Curb appeal items (landscaping) and paint.

  7. How did you get started in real estate? I was intrigued after I bought my first property and wanted to keep looking at properties. While working at the World Bank, I got a real estate license and started selling properties to my friends. I eventually got tired of working in an office, quit, and start real estate full-time!

  8. Favorite quote: “Reality is only the way you choose to perceive what is happening around you.”

  9. Three words that describe you: Fierce, Independent, Passionate

  10. Favorite restaurant in DC? Rose’s Luxury

  11. Must-See spot in DC? Union Station

  12. Starbucks order? Mocha

  13. If you have some free time what do you do? Exploring new foods and following political and economic news

  14. 1 person dead or alive that you would like to have dinner with: Bill Clinton

  15. Biggest lifetime achievement: Working as the white house liaison for the Black Caucus on a tour of the South during the Clinton Campaign and riding on a private jet with Mrs. Gore.

  16. What do you do when not working? Traveling (over 50+ countries so far including India, Russia, and China - ask me about it), collecting art, and going to the gym!

  17. What song is always stuck in your head? Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

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