Your August Challenge | #prioritizementalhealth

Mental Health Matters

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in its annual report, found that work-related stress, anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health. This is a big reminder that mental health in the workplace is a serious issue and should be a priority.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue and should be a priority.

As an agent - the nature of real estate is inherently stressful. It is 24 hours, no guarantees, client issues to diffuse, lulls in business to survive, cash flow valleys to navigate. These stressors all add up.

As a buyer or seller - the process of real estate can also be very stressful. Contract issues, moving, major financial decisions to make, disputes, securing bids in competitive markets. None of those issues are easy to deal with and can be stressful.

As agents we spend many hours in our offices working on building or maintaining our business. Sometimes we can be a solo agent or we might work amongst other agents. For either scenario, the office can still be a lonely and stressful place. If we are on our own, we might feel disconnected from our industry peers and sometimes we could be in an office filled with other agents and still feel very much alone. The stress we encounter from working in the business of real estate is very real and affects us in our chosen office environment. How do we as agents in real estate or individuals going through a real estate transaction deal with the stress in a healthy way?

Sometimes as an agent it might mean establishing boundaries or not feeling guilty about taking time away from the 24 hour cycle of real estate. In the office, it might mean that you carve out a quiet place where you retreat to when you need a moment to re-center yourself. Maybe even form a buddy system with a coworker to help you stay motivated during the down points in your real estate career. Do you see a coworker looking dejected or out of sorts? Maybe they need to hear a kind word. Also, please never feel ashamed to seek professional help to assist you in navigating the pressures of this world. Your mental health in and out of the workplace is paramount and we urge you to make it a priority.

For a buyer or seller, setting clear and realistic goals can help reduce stress. Working with a responsible, responsive and reputable lender to get pre-approved and secured funding after contract ratification will considerably reduce stress. A knowledgeable agent can also help guide you through the process and take some of the unknown out of a big decision. Though as a buyer or seller you are buying/selling your home outside of the office, the stress of the process can affect you in the office.

Regardless of whether you are an agent, buyer or seller, we push you to make your mental health a priority as you go through the real estate transaction process. This industry can push us in many different ways and we challenge you to push back and #prioritizementalhealth.