Your June Challenge | #FocusOnFamily

June’s Monthly Challenge

At Living Matters, we push each other to be better versions of ourselves. Yes, we focus on Real Estate but our name as a company speaks to a far deeper ethos and pathos. How you live matters immensely and who you surround yourself with can impact you in meaningful positive ways.

As such, we try to remind each other that though we spend our time primarily focused on the business of real estate, our life outside of the office is paramount to our happiness and fulfillment. To support our goal of living and serving differently, we have a monthly challenge that pushes us to engage with ourselves and others more. Our challenge for June is #FocusOnFamily.

April was all about #StartANew practice in your life and May pushed us to #InvestInYourCommunity.

Family Blog Post Pic.jpg

Family shapes us, they nurture us, they protect us, they teach us and they forgive us when we make mistakes.

Our family are our lifeblood and our support system. Also, for some, family might not be an actual blood relative. Family can take many shapes and forms and we don’t seek to define what family might be for any individual. Ultimately, family is who shows up and commits to you and vice versa. Family shapes us, they nurture us, they protect us, they teach us and they forgive us when we make mistakes. Family is there for one another through thick and thin, without judgement or reservation.

Life can get hectic and sometimes we can become so focused on providing for ourselves and others, that family might sometimes take a back seat. We are challenging you to take time back for family, however that may look for you and your family. There is no perfect way to go about it and whatever works for you and your family is perfect for you and your family. School is over or almost over and it is a great time to reconnect with kids if you have. Summer weather is heating up, grab the friends who you consider to be your family and schedule a time where you can celebrate each other. Steal your significant other away for a weekend where you can simply focus on each other. We push you to reinvest time with your family and notice how that time spent focusing on your family, positively impacts your happiness and fulfillment.

We challenge you to join us! Be sure to share your experience on social media, using the hashtag #livingmatterschallenge and tagging @livingmattersrealestate so we can follow along and be inspired!