The Benefits of Using A Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of Using A Real Estate Agent

With the increase of real estate websites, potential buyers and sellers might increasingly wonder why should they use a real estate agent versus using a website for their home search or sale. Searching for a home is a big financial decision and intensely personal. As such, let’s take a look at the top three reasons a real estate agent can help with the search for your perfect property or the sale of your property.

1. Specific Industry Knowledge. A real estate agent is trained to understand the language of real estate and the laws pertaining to real estate transactions. Buying or selling a home is a legal transaction requiring many forms, reports and disclosures utilizing technical language. A real estate agent understands the industry language and navigates the real estate transaction, helping a buyer or seller avoid costly mistakes and frustrating delays.

A real estate agent can help navigate the in’s and out’s of a real estate transaction.

2. Search Power. The internet is a great resource and can help a consumer find any kind of product they desire. With a competitive real estate market, such as we have in the DMV, having a pulse on what properties are not shown online can make a big difference. This is where a real estate agent is an added benefit. Real estate agents have access to properties not online, not advertised or that will be coming soon to the market. Your perfect property might not be online or very well marketed and a real estate agent will be able to help flush it out.

3. Negotiating Power. Your real estate agent understands that winning a home in a competitive bidding scenario comes down to the ability to negotiate. A real estate agent will know how to prepare a winning deal, work with appraisers, ensure legal contingencies are met and mitigate situations arising from trying to meet deadlines or meet legal requirements. A real estate deal is a legal transactions and can be very stressful which in turn can cause a stress response in either a buyer, seller or both. A skilled real estate agent can help calm stressful situations and bring the deal to a close.

Ultimately a real estate agent provides the human touch and finesse that a website cannot. Real estate websites are easy to navigate and they do bring more information to consumers. More information and tools for a consumer buying or selling on their own is positive but it won’t always get the deal done in a competitive market. In a competitive market, understanding how to leverage the information available from many sources coupled with insights from experience, helps put a buyer or seller ahead in the competition. This is where a real estate agent can be your best asset as they do have the industry knowledge, insights from experience, negotiating skills and a network of resources to bring to a real estate transaction.