Your April Challenge | #StartAnew

At Living Matters we strive to serve and live differently. One way we will be doing that this year is by engaging in monthly challenges as a team that pushes us to do just this.

We challenge you to join us! Be sure to share your experience on social media, using the hashtag #livingmatterschallenge and tagging @livingmattersrealestate so we can follow along and be inspired!

February was all about #givingback and March was about #showingapprecitation.

April Challenge: #StartAnew practice in your life.


April Challenge: #StartAnew practice in your life

As Spring arrives we are surrounded by the beauty of nature and are reminded that no matter how bleak the winter, life manages to start anew in the spring. This cycle of nature is a life lesson showing that we too can start anew and sew new seeds in our life. We can nurture those seeds creating growth and change. What seeds have you been planting? How have you been watering or fertilizing the seeds that you have planted?

Suggestions: Start a new weekly friends meet-up, Start a new hobby, Start a new exercise routine, Start a new savings account to encourage you to save for that trip you have been dreaming of, Start a new morning or bedtime meditation routine, Start a small charity that means something to you, Start a support group, Start walking a new route to work to meet new people, Start that book you have always wanted to write, Start focusing on self-care one night a week, Start reaching out to family more, Start volunteering at a charity or non-profit. It’s all about #StartingAnew practice in your life to help you to engage with yourself and others more.

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